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NASA Might Start Selling Tickets Of Space Trips

NASA is also about to join the league of private organizations headed by giants like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, & Richard Branson in a race to make space as a tourist spot. As the organizations Virgin Galaxy, SpaceX, and Blue Origin are competing each other for sending out the normal citizens in to the space as tourists, NASA has also started thinking about selling out the space trips for the normal citizens which would fire them off to the ISS, according to a report published in Washington Post. Even if this is the first time when the US will be sending the tourists in the space, Russia on the other hand is sending people since the year 2001.

NASA Might Start Selling Tickets Of Space Trips had reported that Dennis Tito who is an US based businessman had paid a whopping sum of $20Mn for boarding up the Soyuz in order to visit ISS. The Space Program of Russia has been sending the private citizens in the space since long; it is the one who has brought up the concept of constructing one luxury hotel in the ISS. It has also been reported that those private citizens who would be visiting the hotel would be able to book it for a sum of $20Mn for a vacation that would last for almost 2 weeks.

NASA thinks that starting off the commercial space trip program for the citizens would help it regain its position in the eyes of people. The American space agency is however at the very basic stage of the program presently but would be soon catching up with its rivals in private sector. We might be able to see NASA selling off the tickets of the fights which will be built either by Boeing or SpaceX. This program of NASA is considered as a move to keep behold of public’s attention.

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