Adult Party Games To Try At The Next House Party

Remember how much fun we had playing board games as kid? Snakes ‘n’ Ladders for the commoners, Risk for the strategy nerds, chess for the chess nerds and Dungeons and Dragons for the plain old nerds. When moving into adulthood suddenly board games (except for chess and the like of course) are just not cool anymore. Not to mention the prevalence of video and computer games which can be totally immersive. However, there are quite a number of board games on the market today designed for adult participants that not many know about. Some of them are mentally challenging, some of them are humorous but all of them are just plain fun. Board games are a great way to spice up your house party. If you are hosting a party soon, do also check out these top 10 party games for adults.


Cards Against Humanity

cards-against-humanityStarting of this list is Cards Against Humanity, which is by far the most popular game on this list and if you’ve played any of the games on this list, it’s most probably this one. This card game has a rather offensive theme so take caution in who your guests are before busting out this one. Probably choose a different one for a game after your cell group or Bible study. It’s sort of a matching game, so for instance a player will draw a black card saying “The Hallmark Channel presents (blank), the tale of (blank)”. Then the other players will have to draw cards from a white pile and these cards may say something like ‘Flatulence’ or ‘Dick Cheney’. This game is popular for a reason: it’s awesome.


I Betcha

Scandalous! If you’ve ever played the popular college party game ‘Never Have I Ever’ then this one is based on a similar concept but with all the convenience of a nice prepackaged card game. Each set comes with 365 cards ranked by how explicit they are and each game has 3 sets of rules: home, party, and basic. The cards read things like “Should have erased their browser history” or “Has made a raunchy tape… poorly”; while some cards contain dares as well. When someone is selected, each player places down a card that they think that person has done. If it’s a match, then that person has to confess and it’s time for some hilarious storytelling. A great bonding game.



Time to get off your lazy butts and do something physical! This is great for your summer barbeque and pool party, or in between playing touch football or shooting some hoops in your backyard with your bros. It’s been described as an unholy mix of volleyball and um, Foursquare. This game supports four players at once (2 pairs) and the goal is to ricochet the ball off the net and to their partner in fewer than three tries otherwise the other team gets a score. Each set comes with three spikeballs, a net, instructions and a travel bag. This game is a great way to let off some steam and is sure to attract a crowd of gawkers as well.



superfightWho would win in a fight, Superman or Son Goku? If you said Superman, you’re dead wrong because Son Goku destroys planets with a single chi blast, son! (if he wanted to that is, Son Goku would never do that but lesser powered villains can and have). Well, now there’s a card game for all your drunken fictional character arguments! The cards come in two categories, powers and weaknesses, and characters. This makes it more fun than a simple comparison game so for instance you will have fantasy matchups such as a zombie with a machine gun versus a toddler with a chainsaw. There is no real objective; the fun comes from arguing about how would win the hypothetical matchup and how. Best played while extremely drunk.


Bad Campaign

With the 2016 US Presidential Elections literally just right around the corner, this game could not be played at more appropriate time. It invites players to think about how they would fare as politicians; cards contain empty promises, political statements, and campaign slogans, some of which are real by the way. Your job is to create the most outrageous and unpredictable campaign ever using this combination of 450 cards with 90 fill-in-the-blank statements. Although I doubt anything we could ever imagine could top this actual election season, and while the destruction of the greatest nation on earth could be a mere months away, what better occasion to sit back and celebrate all its craziness? We suggest playing Bad Campaign while watching the election on November 8. Hilarity or complete despondency and sadness is sure to ensue.