The Best Mattress For Your Bedroom: A Buyer’s In-Depth Guide

The best way to go about mattress shopping today is to pick a single type of mattress that you’re comfortable with and stop looking at the others. To pick the right mattress type for your bedroom, you should consider a few things. Are you currently having a problem with your mattress? Is it too hard, too soft or just old? Is it large enough for you and your partner? Often, many people opt for smaller mattresses because bigger ones often cost more but if there’s one thing you shouldn’t save on, it’s your mattress. Go for king size if your room has enough space.

Do you have any problems with your back or shoulders? Does it “sleep hot”? Once you answer all of these questions honestly, you’ll find that your options can be narrowed down rather significantly. Consumers seem to have a misguided belief that foam beds sleep a lot hotter compared to well, non-foam mattresses. While that may be the case 3-4 years back, today that’s simply not the case at all.


Why is that so? Mattresses today do not really “sleep hot” at all anymore. Unless of course, they’re really old models, in which case you shouldn’t really be looking at them anyway. Consider the Aerus mattress models for instance. In comparison to the very first memory foam mattresses, Aerus mattresses literally allow up to 5 times better airflow, which is perfect for those who are worried about heat problems. Additionally, you also have Energex, which focuses on foam comfort development. A mattress layer with this below the topmost memory foam layer just feels extra comfortable and much softer too, if I may add, without the usual heat issues often related to memory foam mattresses. In fact, these are among our top 5 picks of memory foam mattresses.

These technologies simply work and since then, gel foams mattresses are almost always preferred over non-gel mattresses. This is true in both Europe and United States where foam and hybrid mattresses are generally more popular. This phase seems to be taking hold in Asian countries too and soon, the expansion to the rest of the world will be inevitable.


Latex mattress, while still a viable option, has been suffering setbacks in recent years because they simply aren’t as practical compared to the rest of the mattress types. Even spring mattresses, regardless of how old they are, have a secured foothold thanks to its ultra low-cost nature, which means that budget users will still buy them. Latex, on the other hand, isn’t as sustainable simply due to its costs and that’s a pity because the material used is actually environment-friendly. Apparently, studies have shown that if everyone were to start using latex mattresses, global pollution can actually be reversed rather substantially.

Unfortunately, until and unless latex mattresses become a lot cheaper and new ways are discovered to reduce its firmness, not many people will be attracted to such a choice. Foam is simply the superior and much more practical alternative when it comes to mattress and even pillow choices.

Whichever mattress you decide on purchasing at the end of the day though, just make sure that you’re perfectly happy with it. The moment you feel as if something isn’t quite right when you lie down upon a mattress, forget about it and move on to the next. You don’t necessarily have to identify the exact problem as long as you know that there is one. The best mattress for you would be one that feels extremely comfortable the moment you lie down upon it. Any further testing is just to ensure that the mattress doesn’t have any hidden problems such as the dreaded heat issue.